Celebration of Life Month

January is nationally recognized as the Celebration of Life Month and Food for Health International, manufacturer of healthy foods and supplements, is pleased to honor its mission and the people it serves by celebrating a wonderful start to the New Year.

food for health celebration of life

This year we hope we will honor our bodies with healthy foods and activities that allow each of us to continue a year-round celebration of life. From the Food for Health International team to your family we wish you the very best for 2014.

About Food for Health International: Food for Health International is a manufacturing, sales and distribution company specializing in whole food nutrition and emergency preparedness. Using proprietary processes, Food for Health offers pure, nutrient-rich and living ingredients that can be used on their own or privately labeled for accelerated speed-to-market, reduced cost of goods and business confidentiality. Food Supply Depot provides industry exceptional and delicious storable meals made from the pure ingredients sourced from Food for Health International. For more information please visit, www.foodforhealthinternational.com