Frank Davis Speaks Out on Labeling Transparency & Traceability

Frank Davis

Frank Davis, founder of Food for Health International and Activz, is a firm supporter of providing people with healthy food options and passionately agrees with consumers that they should be able to trust what they buy. Activz provides transparency and traceability to consumers so they can make educated whole-food supplement decisions.

Orem, UT — 2015 Frank Davis, CEO of Activz Whole-Food Nutrition and Food for Health International, affirmed today the importance of transparency, and traceability of products being provided to supplement consumers. Frank, a thought leader in the rapidly growing, $30 billion supplement industry, supports whole-food ingredients as essential components for supplement efficacy and integrity.

“It is extremely frustrating for those of us with high standards of integrity to hear of a company who uses a label that doesn’t reflect the true ingredients of their product,” said Frank Davis, whole-food industry leader and CEO of Food for Health International and Activz. “Activz always purchases whole-food ingredients from top producers, fills every last milligram of our product with real whole foods and tests every batch to ensure that we’re delivering on the promises we’ve made. Consumers know exactly what they are getting when they take Activz products.”

Frank Davis stated that Activz is also reaching new levels of transparency and traceability by declaring the country of origin next to every ingredient on the label.

He further suggested that consumers govern the information provided by supplement companies with their buying dollars – ensuring that retailers have strict standards on the products they sell from their shelves.

“For consumers who believe in the importance of enriching their diets with produce, Activz offers nutritious powdered fruits, vegetables, grasses and supplements all made from whole foods,” said Frank Davis. “Consumers can and should expect to find complete ingredient lists on our products and our website. Keeping consumers accurately informed about the whole-food supplements they are purchasing is a commitment we don’t take lightly.”

Award-winning athlete and entrepreneur, Frank Davis has a passion for whole-food products, which have enriched his own life and the lives of others who believe that whole foods, not synthetic substitutions, are the answer to finding true health. Activz offers vegetables, fruits and grasses in powder, shake and capsule forms to Activz whole-food customers to give them the solutions they’re seeking. In addition to high-quality sourcing, Activz provides transparency and traceability by stating on every bottle or canister not only a full list of ingredients, but also the countries in which they were grown.

“Many companies in the supplement industry strive for excellence in providing the best ingredients and excel at providing wellness value for their consumers,” said Frank Davis. “For instance, Activz Complete uses the highest quality whole foods based on where they are grown and how they are processed. We spare no expense in choosing the best producers. We know the best ingredients offer better results, so we accept only that high level of quality for Activz Complete.”

About Activz Whole-Food Nutrition:

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